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Spiritual Holy Sites and Shrines in Uganda

Spiritual Holy Sites and Shrines in Uganda

It’s only in Uganda where you can visit several holy places and shrines of Christian values in City tour excursion since all the most holy places are found a few kilometers from Kampala city center. Usually every year on 26th May & June 3rd Christians gather in Namugongo and Munyonyo in memory of the Christian Martyrs who died in Faith. The two holy places made Pope Paul VI & Pope Francis to visit Uganda and witness the reserved grounds of the royal Christian martyrs who teach the whole world how true Christians should behave in real life. During this time of the year millions of people visit the holy shrines for blessings and faith commitment by walking on foot from their homes, fasting and also giving thanks to God the almighty in form of offerings. Since the celebration draw millions to come to Uganda, most foreign tourists who love and believe in Christianity come to the country two a week to the event in order to catch up with both the celebrations. However sites and shrines are accessible throughout the year when you happen to traverse Uganda during your Safari adventure or Business engagements with some volunteers often participating in some activities at the sites.

A lot of issues happen at the shrines on that day including Repentance, Holy Water,Touring, Cleanliness, and Entertainment, Prayers, security, shrines and food. Every pilgrims gets the opportunity to confess their sins before the martyrs day celebrations as a sign of purity and bounding more with the God the creator a reason which make pilgrims to stay at the holy ground for a number of days not only on the martyrs celebration day. Religious leaders and ushers are always available to guide whoever comes at the shrine ground for confession. Though God forgive sins each and every time one admits that and seeks for his forgiveness but doing it here at the holy shrines is more exceptional since it’s a heaven ground and its believed that God hears and forgives faster. Even the Martyrs help to present people’s needs & request to God. It’s always advised to cleanse your soul before standing in God’s presence.

Touring is a must to many pilgrims as a best way to explore the holy shrines and grounds of both Namugongo martyrs shrines & Munyonyo. A visit to the man made Uganda Martyrs Lake, shrines, Martyrs museum, other different sites, plus the holy compound is a must see while on the Kampala city tour excursion. If you visit during around the martyrs day celebration you may miss out to reach in some areas since the holy compound is always filled up with millions of Pilgrims. However, to discover the holy grounds and shrines it’s advisable to visit a few days to the celebrations or after. In most cases it’s very exciting to visit on the very day of the martyr’s day and see be part of the whole event. The two Martyrs shrines in Namugongo- the Catholic and Angelican host prayers and holy services depending on martyrs reminisced. The teaching about the martyrs can be done of different days but the Novenas are said at only the Catholic shrine.

Listening to stories about the martyrs, the cause of their death, the place, date of martyrdom is really entertaining something you shouldn’t miss out while on the holy land of shrines. Bites are everywhere and for those with good appetite, food, drinks; beverages are served in different forms by experts. Get a chance to buy holy rosaries, bibles, martyrs history books for your family and keep the blessing of the holy grounds and shrines in your home. Remember to respects the rules and regulations of the holy shrine especially for the holy lake full of holy water used as a blessing in several ways. Do not bath or swim in the lake but just get a jerican or bottle and draw the water. After the celebration you can visit our attractions and National parks in Uganda for other adventures such as Gorilla tracking, Primate treks, nature wildlife excursions and Game drive to sight the Big Five and other wild animals, conservation centers for endangered species such as Rhinos, chimpanzees and other cultural sites besides city tours and life exposures which seems unique and memorable in Uganda.

Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine   Bahai temple 2

Uganda Martyrs shrine at Namugongo and the Bahai Temple in Uganda can be visited during your Kampala city tour including the cultural sites. Note culture and religious were kind of intermingled during the ancient and colonial times since its people who drove their growth and popularization depending on their beliefs and conviction with some dieing for the cause.

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