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Did I see it coming… absolutely NO! Did envision I would hate the car brand name “Corona” I once admired while learning how to drive… NO! Did I even think one reckless human would initiate an economic shutdown… absolute Not in this era? The soul goes mute in silence turning to GOD more than before for a miracle.

Globalization changed how we live, relate and connect both physically and remotely and we perceive ourselves to be super humans coupled with the high technology around us. Just wish we acted humanly with compassion, love and care for one another. All components of trade and survival are so interlinked and dependent on one another. Self-isolation/quarantine is absolutely the best alternative to avert the pandemic COVID19 everyone should embrace BUT it’s a test to self-management.

Africa Travel is silent, the nature wildlife is seeing less of humans for now, mountain hike trails are calm, Hotels are quiet with most staff on forced leave lucky if its paid leave, some countries are already closing schools and social events that attract a cloud and the FEAR/STIGMA is real but for how long shall we be held hostage by COVID19. Few cases have been confirmed in the South & Eastern Africa, glad citizens are vigilant and responding to the sensitization and mass mobilization and this era will pass with some lessons, I guess.

HOPE keeps us alive and soon the sun will shine and I will be waking up to the sound of the Ocean waves again!

Itanda falls on River Nile, great white water rafting spot
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