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Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National park is one of the most popular Tanzanian parks along the Northern circuit. It is located on the ridge of the Rift Valley, with the escarpment in the western border of the park.

Its located enroute to Ngorongoro crater conservation area and Serengeti National park and offers incredible scenic views, bird diversity , game life and eco- systems. The alkaline lake attracts many bird species not forgetting the flocks of the pink Flamingo’s among others.

You wont miss out of the Lake Manyara tree climbing lions sighting too where the lions make the accasia and mahogany trees their home to nap after night hunting and feeding. Tree climbing also gives them clear view of prey sighting and limits on the flies bites.


Canoe safaris start near Endala and go towards Msasa for 3 hours boat cruise. The Mto Wa Mbu village on the north of the park, near the gate, offers community and cultural activities, like village walks, cycling, boat trips on the lake. Bird watching activities are carried out along the parks trails.


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