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Terms and Conditions

Limitations and Liability
Wal-Mark Africa safaris has set rules that govern its execution of safaris within and outside East Africa. Our clients should therefore bear in mind that a decision on taking a holiday is entirely one’s decision and Wal-Mark Africa safaris will not be held responsible for any incidences of whatsoever nature that is beyond our control. Please remember a reservation is a legal contract.  We strongly recommend you ensure you are adequately covered by Insurance before booking a safari.

Payments and Booking a safari
Once you have confirmed your safari with Wal-Mark Africa safaris, you must fill in the Response Form to indicate that you have read and understood our terms and conditions of service. Make an advance payment for Gorilla permits as they are on high demand plus a 50% deposit on the safari package fees to enable us make the necessary Reservations and bookings. The balance is to be paid a month prior to the start of the trip. For Bookings made on short notice, full payment is required.

Gorilla Permits
Make bookings for Gorilla permits with full payment 12 weeks in advance. Note that getting a gorilla permit does not guarantee one’s seeing of the gorillas, however the chances of seeing them is 98%. Several instances may lead to one failing to view the gorillas for example; Changes in security at the park, absence of the gorillas in the park, movement of the gorillas and the closure of the park or National borders. Wal-Mark Africa safaris will not be held responsible for such instances but we shall do our best to get the refund from those in charge which will be given back to the client.
Note that gorilla tracking is not allowed for children below the age of 15.

Note that there is no refund for gorilla permits as this is a policy of the Uganda Wild Life Authority and Rwanda Wildlife Authority. However we can try and get market for the permits although it is the duty of the client to make full insurance with an insurance company.

If cancellation is caused through death, injury, sickness or call to jury service of the client or any close member of his/her family or any person registered with the company at the time of booking who is traveling within the same party, then Wal-Mark Africa safaris undertakes to refund the deposit and balance if paid (less $50 administration fee) on production of documentary proof showing cancellation is due to one of the above circumstances.

Our cancellation fees depend on the date of receiving a written notification from the client. A full refund will be given if cancellation occurs in writing 60 days prior to commencement of a safari.
You will be charged 30% of the safari cost on cancellation within 46-60days, 40% charge on cancellation within 31-45days, 50% charge on cancellation within 9-30days and 100% charge for 0-8days.

Itinerary and Accommodation
Note that changes can be made by the company on the choice of accommodation or itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances like conditions of the road due to weather changes, movement of animals, delays in Airlines. Here the company will not make a refund as long as a reasonable option is made.

Wal-Mark Africa safaris always reserves the best accommodations for its clients. In case a client has a problem with diet, kindly inform us in advance so we can reserve the right accommodation and meals for you.

In the unlikely event you need to complain about the safari, we aim to resolve your complaint within 30 days of receipt. In doing so, you may end up receiving a refund, goodwill gesture and/or compensation payment from both us. If this happens, we reserve the right to recover such duplicated payments at any time within 6 months of payment. Some complaints may take longer than 30 days to resolve due to the nature of the issue and information provided. We can only consider complaints that reach us within 15 days after the final day of the safari. For bookings in which we are acting as an agent for example on gorilla permits and Chimpanzee tracking Permits, we will liaise with Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Wildlife Authority to try to resolve the dispute in our capacity as agent, therefore you may still follow the above procedure.

Force Majeure
Please note that our cancellation refund plan does NOT cover any event where our obligations are prevented or affected by any reason of force majeure.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Recommendation to our clients
As part of our continued assurance of quality customer service, we strongly recommend that prior to signing Wal-Mark Africa Safaris’ Response Form; you ensure that the details on the Response Form are clear and accurate. Any mistakes on the form will be the client’s own responsibility.

Car Hire & Rental services

At Wal-Mark Africa safaris, we have enough experience in the car Hire industry and guarantee our clients the lowest prices ever with no hidden charges. Traveling within and outside East Africa can be hectic if one does not have a car at their disposal and yet public transport is not reliable let alone suitable for safaris, therefore we have carefully selected a wide range of vehicles for Hire to relieve our clients the stress. Our drivers are well trained and experienced in driving, 4WD vehicles are highly recommended when going on a safari due to weather changes which may affect the conditions of the roads.

All vehicle rates are inclusive of a driver/guide. Our fleet of vehicles is Third party insured with Full Comprehensive Insurance coverage. Its however important that the clients take Personal Accident Insurance inclusive of Medical Repatriation. Those who need self drive must be 23 years old and above, must hold a valid Full driving license for a period of more than 2 years and must have a valid International License. It’s important to note that driving in Uganda is done on the left hand side. Valid road licenses can be received from the Road Transport Office/revenue Authority offices in Kampala.

We offer free Airport pick up and drop for our clients but kindly note that we only drop you off at the airport if you are flying out immediately after the safari.

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