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Summer Time in East Africa with Gorilla tracking & Nature wildlife safaris

Summer Time in East Africa with Gorilla tracking & Nature wildlife safaris.

Once asked who the president of Africa was by one of my clients, though perplexed at the time, it reminded me that its high time we reached out and become more informative about the potential our tourism industry can offer to the world and enlightening Travelers on Africa travel tips for better planning. Recent trend show more of the young generations taking time off to traverse the world sharing experiences on various social media to motivate others while marketing destination visited meaning the Global village is real coupled with multiple information networks connecting travelers.

East Africa is one Unique destination that will leave you not wanting to move further, with the region being more accommodating as observed with many travelers changing their minds to stay much longer let alone invest in various facilities in the tourism industry. With Kenya/Tanzania swarming with “The Great Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks” as the pivotal unique experience, Uganda and Rwanda safaris offers another unique Primate safaris experience besides the Nature wild safaris such as the famous giant mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and diversity of monkeys primates like the Colobus monkeys and Golden monkeys. Water bodies such as swamps, streams, lakes, rivers and forests do habit over 600 bird species for the bird lovers to enjoy their stay, coupled with the warm tropical weather blend across the region and beautiful landscape.

Gorilla silver back male

With a 10-15 day Holiday on an East Africa safari you will have ample time to traverse the countries and see most scenic sites and adventures with people and culture offering a glance on the hospitality and diversity welcoming visitors to make you feel at home away from home. Most travelers start off with the primate safaris (Mountain Gorilla safaris) in Africa thick rain forest Jungles of Uganda and Rwanda. Visit Kigali one of the most developing city in Africa with genocide museums to reflect on its past but already moved on, Uganda Kampala city Life is worth a moment to checkout with cultural and religious sites around the city not to miss out before exit. Heading to Kenya Masai Mara to capture the migration on Mara river is breath taking though note migration happens all year round but only peaks up during the July-September window. Tanzania Serengeti park is a must visit with tree climbing lions observed in Uganda Queen Elizabeth park being significant in Serengeti park too with the Masai tribes men & women exhibiting how they live along side the wild with beautiful plains with the coast offering the cool off remedy on the Zanzibar island with so much history to tell on slave trade and religion. Stay in Stone town for 1-2days and feel the ancient touch of trade and day to day life with the coconut drink to cool off the coastal heat.

Hotel cottages

An East Africa safaris is never complete until you visit the jungle rain forest parks of Bwindi Impenetrable park and Volcanoes Park to encounter the giant Mountain Gorilla’s, shy at sight but worth to track and watch with the male silver back watching over its family and would do anything to ensure their safety. With such a role goes the benefit to feed on the best resources and mating with the family female. So much resemblance to humans and note primates share 98% of their genetic DNA with us humans except we live in the civilized modern world and they are still enjoying their nature habitat jungles eating bamboo shoots and berries. You can enjoy some discounted rates on Gorilla tracking permits in Uganda during the months of April/May and November every year.

Lion Climber friend in Ishaaha queen Elizabeth  Wildebeest migration

Karibu to East Africa!

Roger William

 “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
Gustave Flaubert

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