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Uganda the Heart of water adventures & Nature Wildlife

Uganda the Heart of water adventures & Nature Wildlife

Uganda the most spectacular country in East Africa rich in natural beauty offers stunning landscapes, scenery and wildlife in all corners. This wonderful country is covered by water and national parks making it a popular destination for water based adventure activities and Wildlife. The River Nile, Murchison falls, Kazinga channel, Itanda falls, Kalagala falls, lake Victoria and its islands, Lake bunyonyi are of Uganda’s most popular water adventure spot destinations for all tours across the country. Wildlife viewing in Uganda can’t be complete without a water activity a common thing with all Uganda Gorilla’s and Nature Wildlife excursion tours to Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Kidepo National park, Lake Mburo National Park and Bwindi forest National Park. The most done water activities are the boat cruise on the impressive Kazinga channel, Launch cruise on the mighty Murchison falls, sunset cruise on lake Victoria and white water rafting on the great Longest River in the world River Nile among other.

While on one of the lakes or beach, nice lovely islands can be spotted a few miles away and some are accessed by boat. Besides you can also visit the route of the moving/floating island on Lake Victoria a rare situation with many islands in Africa. In June 2015 a floating island migrated from one site to another between Ggaba landing site, Port Bell Luzira and Miami Beach on lake Victoria which wasn’t the first time for people to witness such island movement on lake Victoria. In fact, man-made islands have been made to float on lakes for several reasons. Lake Titicaca in Peru is an example of a lake with over 70 floating islands. However, events in nature can also shape masses and cause them to drift on lakes. Be sure to see crocodiles, Hippos, different bird species, origin of some lakes and rivers and also catch fish if fishing is your favorite sport activity.

Also Uganda is famed for Mountain Gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest Park and Mgahinga Park, and the magical Nature wildlife game drive to sight –lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons, kobs, topi’s etc which are scattered in the wild of lake Mburo ,Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo and Murchison falls national park. Tourists who take tours to the above parks get the best wildlife experience in Uganda with no disappointments.

Lucky enough in Uganda only fascinating tours are organized to different attractions year round and weekend getaway to Ssesse island or lake Bunyonyi can make you love Uganda even more. Even Uganda city tours are ideal for sole, group and family tours any time of the year with lot of attractions such as cultural site & Museums, religious sites, day to day Life of Ugandans and Night life with various bars, clubs and restaurants with Live band music and dance hall trends . It’s always great to discover the main cities and some local areas of the country visited. This can be done either during the day or at night depending on your interest but remember to seek advice from your travel expert for safe and fun places. With its impressive beaches and unspoiled landscapes, Uganda is ideal for wildlife tours and water-sport activities.

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