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AFRICA TRAVEL BUCKET LIST DESTINATIONS Africa is often depicted as an elusive continent because its less traversed and publicized. Most news streaming out is never enticing for most travelers with war and anarchy in some countries being much more publicized than the harmony and progress in others. Now that Google simplified access to information, we shall leverage on that to disseminate relevant updates to guide travelers bucket list drafts. Africa …Read More

Gorilla Safaris & live Erupting volcano hikes in DR Congo

Gorilla Safaris & live Erupting volcano hikes in DR Congo The Breath taking passion of primate safaris in Africa is only found in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. All cited in a single region East Africa where all Nature Habitat Mountain Gorilla adventure seekers head from the entire world. At the moment different Gorilla tours and hiking safaris are done every day in the four Gorilla parks Bwindi, …Read More